ko'ragh ghost phase

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ko'ragh ghost phase

Postby vrbl » Mon Dec 15, 2014 7:45 pm


wasn't really sure where to post this but i'll try here.

I'd like to suggest we use this ghost phase strategy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftTFzAKV5Bc&feature=youtu.be it's a 1 minute video with 2 ghost phase examples from the tank POV.

notable shit:
- tank stays near boss until 2 waves are picked up
- missdirects on last wave and likely some of the 2nd wave (i know we are md'ing already)
- heroic leap behind the void zone (or druid blink)
- the same tank does it every phase, makes missdirects easy to sort out etc
- melee stay on the boss
- no monk clones stunning adds all phase
- profit

i suggest we also use some sort of slow aoe in the void zone, either hunter freezing/frost (duno the name) trap or earthbind totem, i've seen the occasional ice trap from the hunters but looking at raid logs explosive trap is also being used a lot, so maybe some sort of direction on what aoe slow to use would be good too.

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Re: ko'ragh ghost phase

Postby Ayvia » Mon Dec 15, 2014 8:32 pm

Yeah, adding a few of those bits in will certainly make things easier. The issue we had on Sunday was 4 differnt people throwing out different ideas and making the whole thing one complicated cluster fuck when we were struggling in parts to even execute moving without being locked out the room, 20 yards ahead of the stacking spot etc-etc.

The one tank doing each ghost phase seems legit, it makes MD'ing easier (although just calling out whose doing it works, but granted always knowing the 1 person works).

Leaving the melee to sit on the boss is all well and good, reduces overall damage to the raid and makes life easier as long as the ranged DPS is good and the tank tanking beats the snot out of the mobs while we're hitting the boss pre-kill-kill.

Leap / blink is fine, I mean It's useful and avoids taking silly damage walking through. Just have to check the CD from them using it to run from the arcane debuff.

I'll throw somethings in for Tuesday but again, I really want to keep it simple, having to call out every single thing is beyond a chore and REALLY isn't needed as long as people learn what they're doing and don't just tunnel the boss.
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Re: ko'ragh ghost phase

Postby vrbl » Mon Dec 15, 2014 9:02 pm

ok no worries
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