Hélkpò and Hélkpó a story to never be forgotten.

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Hélkpò and Hélkpó a story to never be forgotten.

Postby Trashy » Sat May 31, 2008 6:08 pm

It was on a dark and bleek night that our HELKPO adventurers set their hooves into the gothic graveyard of the Scarlet Monastery. With their vast druidic powers and a shaman totem or two they made swift work of the monstrosities that swarmed this unhallow grounds and with our new blue lewts we left the former monastery of light and decided that now would be a fine moment to liberate Gnomeregan.

Of course, the fact that we could stomp down little gnomes didn't play a fact in our decision. Of course Helkpii can not do simple tasks as moving too Booty Bay without some problems and Helkpo and Hêlkpô took the zeppelin towards Gromgol while Hélkpò waited for the zeppelin towards Ogrimmar, where they could fly to Ratchet to board the big beautifull boat that traverse between Booty Bay and Ratchet.

It was storming through all of this, but not just rain, snowflakes dropped down. Hélkpò remarked to the other HELKPII that it was a funny time for snowflakes but it is probably the ozon effect, the Alliance so set upon furthering their mechanical inventions were polluting the earthmother with strange effects as results.

Still the HELKPO stood their silent for a moment, looking at the beauty that each snowflake is, as unique as each Helkpii.

The others laughed and said not to worry, soon it would be all restored when the HELKPO tribe will be at it's strongest peak. A sudden crash was heard then, followed by laughter as the resident Helktard died by falling of the zeppelin. Swearing was heard over the nether as Helkpo called Hêlkpô a fucking dingbat for doing such a stupid thing. He was ressurected and continued on it's way.

That was when the blizzard hit the Undercity zeppelin tower. It roared and struck with all it's might against the wooden building. The construction creacked as wooden planks were torn out. Just as fast as it came, it left, together with the snow. It was followed by rain, ugly, bleek, rain.

"Wtf was that?" Helkpö demanded. "It must be that lagbeast people talk about" Hêlkpô said. "Whatever it was it is over now so let's continue." Helkpo stated, after which he asked "Where are you guys now, I'm hungry and want a gnome in mah BELLY".

Then all of a sudden it was as if a bomb was dropped on the three Helkpii that just a moment ago where chatting... They noticed they were missing two of their brethren... "Hélkpò? Hélkpó?...answer...." A minute went by, it lasted a century. They ran back to the zeppelin tower, it lasted an eternity.

They were treated to the most horrible sight a HELKPII can imagine, two HELKPII lying on the ground, face down. As Helkpo moved in closer he heard for the last time words... "Sooooo cold...sooo cold". With that it ended and the quietness entered. They were breathing, but oh so shallow.

It was quiet for a long time, the HELKPII contemplated and then meditated in the Emerald Dream, they saw their two last brethren fading away... trapped in the Emerald Dream... Their final words... "Our ties are cut on this plane, we don't feel our ancestors anymore. Trashy and Na have been cast out. Our links severed...Do not forget us, we shall meet again... We won't stop fighting, we shall become free once again". Helkpo, Helkpö and Hêlkpô said in unison. "We wont, and we shall continue....Till all are one"

"Till all are one" and so it ended, the first two HELKPII swept away by a blizzard of a large magnitude.

Over the whole continents on different planes came in reports of hordes and alliances swept away by an unforseeable blizzard.

Comments from Lassy
In cruelty and in wrath, the blizzard came today.
A reaper visited this grey path, and took helkpii away.
Ckosh wrote:You fucking cunt........
YOU TOTAL BASTARD.. Ok You Win ... Whellll Donez.

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Re: Hélkpò and Hélkpó a story to never be forgotten.

Postby Ckosh » Wed Jun 18, 2008 11:55 am

heh - this still brings a tear to the eye...

especially as Na Helkpo is still in Gnomeregan as a memorial to this disaster.
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