Steamy hot RP romance

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Steamy hot RP romance

Postby shinsen » Thu Dec 24, 2009 4:57 pm

A story all due to a screenshot...
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The story of an Orc and Undead, who take on an interesting relationship. The citizens of Dalaran had never heard of... "lesbians?"... before. Or whatever they called themselves.

"We demand respect for our feelings!" they would say.
"I love Lassy in a way nobody could ever understand!" Hardly would say in an attempt to soothe the confused mob of pitchfork-and-torches-holding-crowd.

"Look at my sheets! Any idea how much it costs for a decent quality of sheep wool?" the Innkeeper of Dalaran said full of anger, "I've had no visitors in that room ever since you guys made it all dirty... This stuff just doesn't wash off..."

"My child walked happily through Dalaran until he saw... he saw... this... scissoring... as he described it..." were the words of the mother of a traumatized child.

Disgrace! Confusion! Anger!

Lassy and Hardly were sad that the people couldn't understand their feelings.
"I've got an idea, Hardly!" Lassy said with a smile, "Lets start a club for people who fancy those of the same gender."
"What should we call it?" Hardly asked.
"How about 'Guild of Anal Youth', or G.A.Y. for short?"
"But we won't be young forever, that name won't last... What do you think of 'Funclub for Anal Goofers', F.A.G. for short." Hardly responded.
"Lets go with that." Lassy decided.

For days, weeks, months passed by, but they were the only members of F.A.G. On a random December night, when Hardly and Lassy were doing their normal business in their room, all of a sudden they heard noises come from the closet...
"Le gasp!" Lassy yelled.
Hardly opened the closet door carefully, not knowing what could lurk inside. Inch by inch, they slowly opened the closet doors. The light from the chandelier shed now on what appears to be a face covered with hands.
"Who the hell are you!? Why are you here!?"
"I'm... I'm..." a scared, but somehow familiar voice uttered these words, "I'm the mayor... I'm the mayor of Dalaran. I want to be in your club too! I've kept it long secret, as to avoid losing votes in the elections. But I'm willing to give that all up now! I like men! I like cocks, anal, penis and all of that!"
"But, but sir," Lassy said, "we're only with two members yet, and both of us are women. We can't offer things like that."
"I know, but I hope someday we'll be with more F.A.G.s, and there will be little boys too!" the mayor responded.
"Ugh, but sir... well never mind that... please, come out of our closet first."

And so the mayor joined the club with hopes of a brighter future.

Then one day it was leaked out that the mayor was visiting the clubhouse of F.A.G. every night.
Disgrace, anger, confusion! Those words again. The mayor faced a crowd of angry Dalaran citizens (with pitchforks and torches again).
"Listen! My people, for I have an important announcement." The mayor shook out of his sleeve, as he had not expected this, "As of today, same gender marriages and groupies are allowed. It's... It's a new law! I... I... I order you to stop! Please!"
Lassy shook his head, and went to save the day. He rushed up to the mayor, and stood in front of him.
"People of Dalaran! Don't you too love someone? Don't you too go to bed with each other in the Dalaran inn? Why did the innkeeper never complain about your 'stuff' on the sheets? We love each other like anyone else would love others! The mayor has joined our club, F.A.G., in search of true love. Is it wrong for him to do so?"

An awful silence befell upon the crowd. "We never knew it was like this...", "We just thought you were being weirdos!", "Those words... so touching..." were words that the crowd let out.

And so, Lassy, Hardly, the mayor of Dalaran (who wasn't elected again due to lack of charisma), and the future members of F.A.G. lived happily ever after.

((Disclaimer: always check if there are guild members around before having RP sex))
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Re: Steamy hot RP romance

Postby Ckosh » Thu Dec 24, 2009 5:45 pm

Win - we have a new Helkstory!
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Re: Steamy hot RP romance

Postby Lassy » Thu Dec 24, 2009 8:28 pm


You peeping Tom! I never even saw you there!

You know, there's some advantages to having the mayor as your close personal friend... He knows how to pull strings...
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