Refreshing RP

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Refreshing RP

Postby shinsen » Sat Apr 17, 2010 3:37 am

So I bumped into Lassy while leveling druid and we had some RP moments.
Here's something to read if you're bored and want to have a giggle (screenshot at bottom)

You purr at Lassy.
Lassy eyes you up and down.
Lassy ponders your actions.
Helkpaw says: Oh you're one of the mighty HELKPO!
Lassy says: Ang you look to be an imposter!
Helkpaw says: It's a bit more... complicated
Helkpaw says: My father told me great stories about the druid named Helkpo and his followers
Helkpaw says: He named me after them
Helkpaw says: Helkpaw Windspirit is the name
Lassy says: Hmm
Lassy says: Doesn't ring a bell I'm afraid
Lassy says: I'll poke the Po himself about it
Helkpaw says: I'm still young, look at my hoofs
Helkpaw says: They're still small, you see?
Lassy says: Hmm mm
Helkpaw says: I-I-... I can't believe I'm talking with a Helkpi
Lassy chuckles at you.
Lassy says: Truly, we're gods amoungst men
Lassy says: and Tauren
Helkpaw says: Aye, I've heard stories about you since I was still liquid
Lassy says: Liquid?
Helkpaw says: I was born in the season of the water spirit, which means I came to the lands in the form of liquid
Lassy says: sprayed over the wild, rolling hills and bush?
Helkpaw says: Y-yes
Helkpaw says: S-so what is your name?
Lassy says: The single most famous Non-helkpo helkpii ofcourse
Lassy says: I've taken up the name of LAssy!
You nod at Lassy.
Lassy says: Surprised you've not heard the name.
Helkpaw says: Indeed a brave warrior so i've heard
Helkpaw says: I don't recognize you by looks I'm afraid
Lassy says: Must be the new haircut
Helkpaw says: I haven't seen many Helkpi out there yet
Lassy says: You've not hung out in Dalaran much yet
Lassy says: Try visiting dalaran, on sunday evening
Lassy says: round 18.30
Helkpaw says: Dalaran is... a city in the eastern king... no wait... errrr... northrend right?
Lassy says: the floating rock in northrend!
Lassy says: Ask a friendly mage for directions
Helkpaw says: Northrend seems way too scary for me, I'm weak as I'm young
Helkpaw says: I might go there in the future though
Lassy says: Dalran is fairly safe though
Lassy says: No mugging
Helkpaw says: Mmm... thanks for the tip
Helkpaw says: You look so shiny in that armor of yours, it's incredible
Helkpaw says: I've never met the real Helkpo - is he even shinier?
Lassy says: He's mostly dressed like a clown.
Lassy says: but then again, druids always freaked me out, clothes-wise
Helkpaw says: really? do I freak you out?
Lassy says: Ofcourse you do
Lassy says: You're a cat!
You blush at Lassy.
Helkpaw says: I-I learnt to change forms though, look I'm a bear now
Lassy says: Still furry though!
You cry on Lassy's shoulder.
Helkpaw says: I ummmm, have to see my trainer miss
Helkpaw says: Let the ... power of vargoth be ...umm... with you!!
Lassy bonks you on the noggin. Doh!
Lassy says: Compel you!
You wave goodbye to Lassy. Farewell!
Lassy waves goodbye to you. Farewell!
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Re: Refreshing RP

Postby Leoncio » Sat Apr 17, 2010 4:01 am

Get some fucking sleep you two!
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Re: Refreshing RP

Postby Ckosh » Sat Apr 17, 2010 9:19 am

Helkpaw says: I've never met the real Helkpo - is he even shinier?
Lassy says: He's mostly dressed like a clown.

Although I feel sorry for Lassy being taken in by your nonsense - I have a new sig addition out of this crap
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Re: Refreshing RP

Postby Lassy » Sat Apr 17, 2010 11:26 am

Dammit Shinsen, why're you always stalking me?
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Re: Refreshing RP

Postby Kovacs » Sat Apr 17, 2010 6:03 pm

that convo can be done in two lines:

Shinsenpo: rp rp pr
lassy: polite go away.
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