The demise of the greatest po.

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The demise of the greatest po.

Postby fonkje » Wed Oct 06, 2010 12:03 pm

You are fools to have come to this place! The icy winds of Northrend will consume your souls! A small group scurries to face the dragon. 'Shut up!! OH how I wish she shut up' one of them yelled. The group quickly settled in their positions and started to attack.

*Crystal song forest, night*

A small tent stood in the dense cluster of trees. The entrance flaps were closed, denying a view of what was inside. In front of the tent several campfires were set up. Peacefully flickering their lights and sending a crisper of burned wood into the surrounding area. Many figures lay around the fires, their heads buried under their blankets. Mugs of beer and remnants of last nights dinner lay scattered among the sleepers. A orgy of snoring sounds and scuffling veered into the nights sky. There was yet another sound. A groan of distress that came from the closed tent.

The Lich King yells: So...the Light's vaunted justice has finally arrived. Shall I lay down Frostmourne and throw myself at your mercy, Fordring?
Highlord Tirion Fordring yells: We will grant you a swift death, Arthas. More than can be said for the thousands you've tortured and slain.
The Lich King yells: You will learn of that first hand. When my work is complete, you will beg for mercy -- and I will deny you. Your anguished cries will be testament to my unbridled power.
Highlord Tirion Fordring yells: So be it. Champions, attack!
The Lich King freezes Highlord Tirion Fordring in a block of ice.
The Lich King yells: I'll keep you alive to witness the end, Fordring. I would not want the Light's greatest champion to miss seeing this wretched world remade in my image.
'Ready the cock and balls helkpii!! THAREE THWO WHUN, CHAAARGEEE'.

*Crystal song Forest, inside the tent*

Three figures stood around someone. 'Is he ever going to snap out of it?' a hunched, snickering undead wailed to the others. They didn't pay attention to him but all looked at the figure laying on the bed. Their deep wrinkles and red eyes made it clear that there was great concern. Concern over the well being of their father. Before them lay Helkpo.

The embodiment of their clan. Their godfather and sugardaddy was reduced to a blind, meaningless pile of tauren fur. 'If only he could see!' the undead cried again.'Then what, you sorry excuse for a undead!! the figure left to him snapped. 'Then he would know what he has become!!' the undead yelled back, raising his voice. The third figure came standing between them and said; 'Hmm yeah hmmm maybe but aaaaahmm there is always a chance right? hmhmm?.
As he opened his mouth a very pungent odor of some alcoghol concoction escaped. The other two closed their nostrils. Said odor made its way to Helkpo's nose however and brought a slight shudder. Then his eyes openend but they were dark. Dark as a black screen of death. He bellowed into the skY; 'RUUUN, SHE STRAPPED HIM ON!! RUN FOR HER BROKENBONE!!!.

His cry woke up the sleeping helkpii outside the tent.

One by one they stepped forwards and yelled 'What's the buzz!! Tell me whats a happening!!What's the buzz!! Tell me whats a happening!!' From the tent their most feared leader came and said in a unusually high pitched voice: 'Why should you want to know? Don't you mind about the future? Don't you try to think ahead? Save tomorrow for tomorrow;
Think about today instead.

The Helkpii were not satisfied and yelled yet again! 'What's the buzz. Tell me whats a happening. What's the buzz. Tell me whats a happening.' One of their most loved drunken leaders stepped out and heaved his arms to the sky: 'I could give you facts and figures.
Even give you plans and forecasts.
Even tell you where I'm going.'

The big and bulky lotorio stepped forward and yelled; 'When do we ride into Icecrown again!!!' Others stepped forward and uttered the same cry. 'When do we ride into Icecrown again!!'

Kovacs clearly unimpressed by what he was facing stepped forward and asked:
'Why should you want to know?
Why are you obsessed with fighting
Times and fates you can't defy?
If you knew the path we're riding,
You'd understand it less than I.

The helkpii grew even more in distress and frantically began to ask each other; 'What's the buzz. Tell me whats a happening!! From their midst came a bear as ferocious as ursoc himself. While he grabbed his scrotum and tugged it, Beenai asked/yelled; 'What's the buzz!! Tell me whats a happening!!

A moment of silence as the last figure stepped out of the tent and walked up to beenai. He layed a hand on the bears head and cried ,with a voice very similar to that of maria magdalene; 'Let me try to cool down your face a bit.' and he helped him tug. Then he stepped from one helkpii to the other each making them feel at ease, whilst singing in his maria voice: 'Let me try to cool down your face a bit.'

When lassy was done, all of the helkpii stood together shoulder to shoulder and sang in extasy:
'Lassy that is good,
While you prattle through our supper,
Where and when and who and how.
He alone has tried to give me
What I need right here and now.'

As tohya and kovacs both stood ontop the perch and gazed upon the helkpii, they looked at each other and asked in whispering voices: 'What's the buzz.... Tell me whats a happening.. What the fuck... Tell me it ain't happening.
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Re: The demise of the greatest po.

Postby Ckosh » Wed Oct 06, 2010 12:08 pm

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Re: The demise of the greatest po.

Postby Trashy » Wed Oct 06, 2010 12:09 pm

Ha, I did that same thing, went by fast (just like my download limit)
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Re: The demise of the greatest po.

Postby Leoncio » Wed Oct 06, 2010 3:26 pm

Just now I realised from what songs he was getting all that from.

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