Wanna know a bit more about us?

You wish to join the Helkpii? Are you absolutely certain? I guess there are still fools out there. Read here on how to join this... short bus adventuring group.

Wanna know a bit more about us?

Postby Ckosh » Wed Jul 15, 2009 10:48 am

HELKPO is a working man's guild in all respects. From how we plan raids to our forums and vent banter. Lets face it, nobody likes coming home from work and logging in to raid and not being needed. That's exactly why we make our lists in advance. Everyone can plan their week accordingly and nobody ever gets disappointed. We raid three times a week (Thu/Sun/Tue) but do not force our members to any attendance quota. On Sunday you simply let us know when you can raid the upcoming week and by Wednesday we tell you when you're expected on-line along with 9 of your guildmates.

Everyone likes blowing off some steam during their game time. From sickipedia jokes to stories told on vent about bigger than average TV screens and explanations about why !!*#@! your spouse is still a crime, to forumposts detailing the difference between bipolar, bi-curious and bi-winning. We're more than just a guild-tag and a means to purple pixels. That's how we roll: we work hard and we play hard. And if that sounds like the motto of a gay dance club, we assure you that's purely accidental.

Most of our members are London, or at least UK based. With a smattering of Scandinavians, Dutchlandians and Romanian gyppos tossed in to enrich the palette. We're coming up on our SIX year anniversary and if the upcoming guild-meet is any more epic than the last one, we'll need to find a new place to hide the bodies!

Also - Jenkins. NO.

Below - stolen from the "Diary Of Kovacs"...... (Realm 1st Warlock Apparently.... I don't know him though. Special Awareness)

Lolboiz? Nowai!

First a history lesson,
When TVC was created there was a guild formed called Muk, that merged with some other guilds and became The Tide. The Tide united with YOGS and killed many of you in BRM, and also took part in Moonglade '06. The Tide reinvented it's self as The Tempest at the start of TBC. This worked well untill the guild broke up mid-Burning Crusade.......untill...

A few of the old members, tired of the drama and stress of "hardcore" 40/25 man raiding, and some new faces formed a guild to raid Kara a few nights a week, Helkpo the Guild was born (Helkpo the Arena team is much more legendary - http://www.helkpo.com/?q=node/33).

They all enjoyed the 10 man raid structure and when it was announced that WotLK would have 10 man content they resolved to defeat it all, how well did they do?

Where are we at?
In WOTLK we were server first pure 10 man content and something stupid like top Top 20 world and top 10 EU for pure 10 man achievements.
Now we're 1/13HC

What are we after?
Like all guilds, we're feeling the pinch of the weak, pathetic people who play less during the summer. I would like for nothing more than to destroy these people and remove their weakness from the human gene pool, but that's called murder, so we have to get people in to cover up their fragile, failed lives.

TLDR, members of Helkpo have been around for ages, and as a guild we're actually quite good. We are recruiting!

Yes, dual spec ahoy! We really want people who enjoy both aspects of their class and can DPS and heal, be this shadow/holy priests, enh/ele/resto shammy, boom/resto druids..you all know how it works.
We raid 3 nights a week, Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday. We would like you to make 2 of these nights regular, if not all 3. We have no real requirement for applicants other then common sense (see that fire? why are you standing in it then? GTFO - SPASSIAL AHWAHARENESS), Thick skin (your mother will be insulted), Vent (you don't have to talk)

You're female?
Well that's fine - we have 13 girls in the guild at the moment (unlucky for some) - you won't be alone.

I also here a rumor that we're considered "lolboys"? Is this true?

Well if lolboying means treating WoW as a game, not a life, installing "SayRandomQuote" addon, insulting each other without mercy and every chance, having fun and many many private in guild jokes, then i guess we are 'lolboiz'. But, what we also are is a guild who are good, and want to be better.
We're not a stop gap for you to gear up and apply to an 25 man guild.
Trust us, as a guild we probably have tens of thousands of raiding hours under our collective belts, know every trick someone might try, and do not have the wool pulled over our eyes, we expect just what every other raid team would expect of it's members during a raid.

TLDR, we're not a soft touch guild, we are not a gearing up guild, if you think we are,stop reading.

Interested? Fill in the app. trust me it's like no other guild app you will ever fill in and we'll see you fighting not one but two ...things..
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